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Hotel Photography

Hotel photography that builds, supports and reflects your brand’s marketing strategy

Before your guests booked the hotel room, hosted the event, or arrived in your destination, one thing had to happen: a connection. As a photographer for the hospitality industry, I’m in the business of creating photos that speak to your consumer. My photography leaves an impression that inspires your consumers to act.

There are so many reasons why I enjoy the hotel photography – I’ve traveled to various parts of the United States, seen and experienced new cities and towns, stayed at wonderful hotels and resorts of all sizes, tasted delicious cuisines and met a bunch of interesting and fun people along the way.

More importantly, as a successful hospitality photographer, I need to do way more than just enjoy the perks of traveling. Its more important for me to help my clients by creating photographs that build, support and reflect their company’s brand. These travel related photos are an invitation for the consumer to connect with an emotion or an expectation.

Ultimately, these pictures need to get your customer to act by booking a stay at your hotel, making a reservation at your restaurant, schedule an appointment at your spa and more.

Chris Leary Photography is an architecturalfine arthospitality, interior and 360 VR panoramic photographer based in New York City. Have a project for Chris? Use the form below to begin a conversation or call at 347-994-0074