About Chris leary, Photographer

Want to know a little about me?

I grew up in New Hampshire on what some may call a farm. We didn’t have a crop or a cow but we sure had plenty of chickens, a few sheep and a couple pigs.
Once I went to college, I never looked back. I studied but mostly enjoyed my new found self. My aspiration was to head to the big city and become a photographer. 
So here I am today, the photographer, living the dream in New York City. While big and dynamic, this city truly inspires me. I live with my loving, big hearted wife and we have a son, who laughs just like me. 

And tomorrow you ask?

I’m sure I’ll be taking pictures one way or another. I’ve learned a whole lot but I’m still yearning for more. I’ve always had a fondness for the arts so perhaps I’ll take up painting. And maybe, just someday, I’ll buy a farm.
Chris Leary is an architectural, fine art, hospitality, interior and 360 VR panoramic photographer based in New York City. 


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