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Professional photographer, Chris Leary is an architectural, fine art, hospitality, interior and 360° photographer based in New York City.

Photography that builds, supports and reflects your brand’s marketing strategy

Before your clients reserved their hotel room, planned an event, or arrived in your destination, one thing had to happen: a connection. As a photographer for the hospitality industry, I’m in the business of creating photos that speak to your consumer. My photography leaves an impression that inspires your consumers to act.

Architecture • Fine Art • Hospitality • Interiors • 360° Photography


Architecture & Cityscape Photography




 Architectural photography is the photographing of buildings and similar structures within their environment. Lines, shape and form play a role of capturing architecture. There is a sculptural quality to this type of work. I\’m an architectural photographer who is skilled in the use of specialized techniques and equipment.


Fine Art Photography




 Fine art photography for me is less about the commercial application of my pictures but more for capturing the unique qualities of our world in which we live. I spend hours taking these type of pictures and enjoy going on long photo walks.


Hospitality Photography




 Hospitality photography is creating pictures that get consumers to connect with a brand and then take action. I\’ve taken hundreds of photos to show accommodations, restaurants and bars, luxury services and more. My photography is a part of several popular travel related websites.


Photographer for Interior Designers




Interior photography for designers is aspect to my photo business. There is so much thought and attention to detail that goes into designing a space, and the photography needs to reflect this process.


360° Photography & Virtual Tours




 360° Photography is a unique way of giving the consumer an immersive virtual experience of any business or location before they arrive. Chris Leary is also a Google street view trusted pro, helping businesses link their map location with 360° tours.